2016 NFL schedule complete


The 2016 National Football League schedule has been completed.

We always wait for the NFL schedule to come out. We already know who the opponents will be in 2016 for the Kansas City Chiefs and where the games will be held, btu the dates and times remain a mystery. On Wednesday, NFL public relations man Brian McCarthy tweeted out that the docket has been completed.

We are not sure when the league will announce the schedule, although it is typically a week before the draft. Considering we are 15 days away from the start of the 2016 NFL Draft, it is a good bet that the schedule comes out very soon. Hopefully the Chiefs can snag some primetime games in Kansas City, because Arrowhead Stadium always looks beautiful under the lights on national television.

Looking at the schedule of the Kansas City Royals, it would make sense to think the Chiefs are at home in both Week 1 and Week 3. I wouldn’t be complaining if Kansas City opens on a Monday night at home against the Oakland Raiders. It would really get this old rivalry off on the right foot. Plus, how better to start the season than beat a division rival?

How about you, Addicts? Who do you want to play in the opener?