Kansas City Chiefs: Mike DeVito should be re-signed

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As many a Kansas City Chiefs fan is well aware, depth is crucial in making a deep postseason run. While the New England Patriots were the better team, Tom Brady was his imperious best and some suspect play calling towards the end of the game were all major factors in deciding the outcome of the tie, the injuries that the Chiefs suffered clearly had a major impact on the ability of the team, especially the defense and the pass rush.

Justin Houston was playing on a heavily strained ACL, Tamba Hali was also ineffectual due to injury and Jeremy Maclin was clearly limited in and out of his breaks. While I am most certainly not saying that these are valid excuses for the loss, and if these players had been fit, Kansas City would have won. Far from it. I am merely pointing out the impact of injuries, and the inevitability that they happen to every team, every season.

This is where the role of the general manager is so crucial. Building a roster that is capable of dealing with the onslaught of injuries is one of the main priorities of every front office. This is what John Dorsey has done so well over his past three years with Kansas City. He has assembled a roster with the least amount of holes heading into the draft for a long long time. This is nearly a complete roster.

While there are questions over the quality of the starting quarterback, the second receiver and the secondary, it is fair to say that this is one of the best rosters that the Chiefs can stake claim to in a long time.

There are however things still be done not involving the draft. John Dorsey and his team will be focused on nailing this all important draft later in April. Nonetheless, there is one player still yet to re-sign with the Chiefs who I feel should be offered a new deal. That man is defensive lineman Mike DeVito.

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