Shane Ray got a Chiefs’ tattoo (Photo)


Denver Broncos fans can’t be happy about Shane Ray getting a tattoo of the Kansas City Chiefs’ logo.

This is an all-timer. Look, we are all from somewhere and a lot of us have pride in that town or city. However, when you are a player in the National Football League, it’s not a great idea to get a tattoo showing love for your biggest rival.

Then again, Broncos outside linebacker Shane Ray does not care. In an Instagram post he shared on Tuesday, Ray got a massive tattoo of Kansas City (his hometown) included a Chiefs logo on the back of his left shoulder. This is epic. Do you know how pissed off Broncos fans are right now over this?

In fairness, I can’t say they are wrong. Can you imagine if Justin Houston went out and got a tattoo of the Broncos logo? It woul make people call for him to be traded. Ray can support whomever he wants, but to actually get ink of your biggest rival’s logo is bordering on insanity.