Chiefs opponents: Easier schedule ahead


The Kansas City Chiefs must start looking ahead to 2016 right away. After losing in the AFC Divisional playoffs by a 27-20 count to the New England Patriots on Saturday, the organization has no choice but to move full-speed ahead in hopes of capturing an elusive championship next year.

Much of Kansas City’s fate will rest on what happens this offseason in both the NFL Draft and free agency. Another factor to consider is the schedule. While we won’t know what the order of the slate is until sometime in mid-April, we do know who the Chiefs play, and where they play them. Here’s the rundown…

HOME: Denver, Oakland, San Diego, Tennessee, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, New York Jets
AWAY: Denver, Oakland, San Diego, Houston, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Carolina, Pittsburgh

In the immediate aftermath of the playoff loss, wide receiver Jeremy Maclin noted how important it is in 2016 to get a first-round BYE. To do that, the Chiefs probably need to reach 12 wins.

Looking at this schedule, Kansas City has a very real chance of running the table at Arrowhead Stadium. In fact, the Chiefs really should go 8-0 at home. The road docket has some tricky games, but you can certainly see four or five wins in there, with the only really hard game being against the Panthers. The Steelers, Raiders and Broncos won’t be gimmes either, but they are not impossible by any means.