Coffee with the Chiefs – Tom Brady is the enemy


Good morning, Addicts! The Kansas City Chiefs are trying to make it back to the AFC Championship game for the first time since Joe Montana was running the show back in 1993. To get there, the Chiefs will need to take down the New England Patriots on Saturday afternoon at Gillette Stadium.

Let’s be honest for a minute. Despite all the injuries, had someone told you that Kansas City would be in this spot at the beginning of the season, let alone at 1-5, you would have signed in a heartbeat. If the Chiefs win this game – and they certainly can – they are one win away from the Super Bowl. Think about that.

Here’s the news you need to know…

How will Tom Brady attack the Chiefs’ defense?Adam Teicher of ESPN

"Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton is also well-acquainted with Belichick, quarterback Tom Brady and the Patriots. Before he arrived in Kansas City in 2013, Sutton was an assistant with the Jets, who played against New England twice each season."

Going into the Kansas City locker room during Super Bowl IEliza Berman of TIME

"Though the teams looked more or less even on paper, Ray recalls, word got out that the Packers considered the Kansas City Chiefs to be a “Mickey Mouse” team. So the Chiefs got dozens of Mickey Mouse ears and wore them, Ray says, “in the locker room, before the game, half-time—I’m not so sure they were wearing them after, but that was kind of the idea, that the pictures would be funny if they turned out to be the champions.”"

Chiefs could be losing another coach to EaglesJoel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride

"The Chiefs will need to replace their offensive coordinator. We recently looked at some potential candidates and included the name Brad Childress, the former Vikings head coach who has been on the Chiefs staff as the spread game analyst (here’s what he actually does)."