Jeremy Maclin, Justin Houston at practice


This is incredible. On Saturday, the Kansas City Chiefs and all of their fans watched as wide receiver Jeremy Maclin laid on the turf in Houston, before going to bench and crying. He was then carted off, and almost everybody who was watching assumed Maclin had torn his ACL for the third time.

On Thursday, after missing two days of practice with what was ultimately diagnosed as a mild high ankle sprain, Maclin was spotted warming up at practice with outside linebacker Justin Houston and running back Spencer Ware.

At this point, you have to think Maclin will be playing. This is a massive lift for the Chiefs, who now have a pair of weapons who can do damage to the New England Patriots secondary, alongside tight end Travis Kelce. Kansas City has won 11 consecutive games and keeping Maclin in the lineup certainly is not hurting the cause for 12 straight victories.

If there was ever a time to think the Chiefs are simply rolling right, this might just be it. Absolutely incredible.