Marcus Peters pick has been a resounding success


When the Kansas City Chiefs drafted embattled corner Marcus Peters earlier this year, some were worried John Dorsey was taking too great a risk on the potential star.

Peters notably wasn’t with a college team at the time of the NFL draft, having been dismissed by the University of Washington football team after arguing with assistant coaches. Although many draft boards were high on Peters potential talent, many saw the pick as one that could go south without the right coaching staff.

The good news is that Andy Reid’s crew in KC is the right coaching staff for Peters.

Reid has long cultivated a reputation as being a coach who can work with a number of different football personalities, and many correctly assumed after Kansas City made the pick that Reid would be a good fit to help Peters get back on the right track. It remains to be seen how many thought Peters would have the immediate impact he’s had for the Chiefs.

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Peters rookie season has seen plenty of bright spots, including seven interceptions, two of which went back for touchdowns. Peters is also second in the league in passes defended at 23, and leads the league in interception return yards. While Peters’ inexperience has shown in waves this season, as a whole he’s played phenomenal football. The league has taken notice, with Peters receiving a Pro Bowl spot in his first season, becoming the first Chief to do so as a rookie since Eric Berry in 2010. Many fans had hoped Peters’ would show promise as a starting corner going into next season, and Peters’ has delivered above and beyond some of those expectations.

Peters’ play has given the Chiefs flexibility with their roster, specifically as it concerns Sean Smith, another corner who has performed well for Kansas City. Should the Chiefs deem Smith replaceable, Peters’ performance has made cutting that cord a lot more palatable. While a secondary with Peters and Smith together is ideal, Peters and the injured Phillip Gaines will make a nice pairing next year as well. The potential to see all three on the field next year is exciting, to say the least.

So congratulations to you, Marcus Peters. You have given Chiefs fans plenty to look forward to in your bright and young career, and I for one can’t wait to see how much better you get over time. That being said, I’m hoping you don’t get the opportunity to play in your first Pro Bowl this year, hopefully because you’re doing game prep for a much bigger contest.