Alex Smith says Chargers were ‘trying to headhunt’


The Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Diego Chargers 10-3 at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday afternoon. The game was a train wreck for the most part, with flags flying and then, at odd times, staying in the officials’ back pockets.

After the game, quarterback Alex Smith was sounding off about some of the played he did not take kindly to. At one point, Smith was screaming in the face of San Diego safety Jahleel Addae after a perceived late hit to the head once Smith slid on a scramble.

Smith is extremely careful and bland with the media. For him to come out and accuse a division rival of headhunting is some pretty serious stuff. While it is impossible to say whether or not that was truly the case, there were some ridiculous shots being taken. Smith was hit late (without a flag) and then hammered after he was out of bounds, both times by Addae.

If Smith has issues, let him sound off. It’s hard not to like that type of fire from the quarterback.