The changing face of the Kansas City Chiefs

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Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps most important, is Andy Reid’s belief in his backup running backs’ ability to carry on without Charles. Reid has opened up his playbook and called games more aggressively without his most dynamic offensive weapon. Reid’s summoned the nerve to take the shackles off of his quarterback, and his accompanying skill position players, despite a makeshift offensive line. There’s a level of confidence there you simply can’t overlook.

I owe Andy Reid an apology. I called for his head a number of times earlier in the season and I was clearly wrong that he’d lost this team. A franchise in complete turmoil doesn’t rebound like this. A team lacking attitude and toughness doesn’t make this kind of turn around. The Chiefs control their own playoff destiny and it’s all due to the fight Reid has instilled in this group. The NFL has taken note and will be watching the drama unfold over the final five weeks of the regular season.

Is this the toughest Chiefs team in recent memory? Can Kansas City run the table with only one quality opponent left on their schedule? How much credit does Reid deserve for pulling this team out of the basement of the AFC? Use the comment section below to share your thoughts. As always, we appreciate your readership and support.

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