Writing on the wall for the Chiefs: Andy Reid must go

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The time has come and gone for mincing words, my friends. After a 1-4 start to the 2015 season and the potential loss of offensive star Jamaal Charles, the Kansas City Chiefs have nothing left to look forward to on this side of the offseason. Chiefs Kingdom is fresh out of answers, the blogosphere is no closer to a solution, and the Save Our Chiefs movement may be on the brink of their next campaign. One Arrowhead Drive is officially the site of a raging dumpster fire. If I know nothing else about what should become of this organization I know this — head coach Andy Reid cannot continue to coach this football team beyond 2015.

Just one week ago, my allusions to a coaching change were seen by some of our respected readers as purely reactionary. A scant seven days later, I’m twice as confident that chairman Clark Hunt is obligated to rid this franchise of Reid once the season is over. This is the second straight game the Chiefs have lost at home after holding a two-possession lead over an opponent. Reid is one of the league’s worst at managing a game with a significant lead. That, in itself, is not an error egregious enough to warrant termination, but that’s also just the tip of the iceberg.

In case you still need convincing, here are more reasons why Reid should be unemployed come February:

1. Alex Smith

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At this point, we’re beyond debates about how much Smith is contributing to the failure of this football team. No matter where you land on the 11-year veteran, it’s tough to get around the limitations of his game. He’s just not the kind of quarterback who can help a team overcome a lack of offensive ingenuity. Some would even argue that he’s the offense’s biggest liability.

Entering Week 6, Alex Smith has an average of just one passing touchdown per game. No NFL team can be competitive with such low productivity at the most important position on the field. Kansas City wed itself to Smith when they sent draft compensation to San Francisco to acquire him. No one has been a bigger supporter of Alex Smith than Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. He’s been Reid’s guy from the outset and Redi should fall on the sword now that it’s clear Smith is a big part of the problem.

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