Writing on the wall for the Chiefs: Andy Reid must go

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2. Bob Sutton

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Prior to the 2013 offseason, Bob Sutton wasn’t on anyone’s radar as a defensive coordinator candidate. He’d held the position once for a three-year stretch in New York from 2006-2008, but he didn’t have much success in the role. The Jets were a Top 10 defense in his first year on the job, but were bottom-half of the league in the two seasons following. Sutton has phenomenal talent at his disposal, but that simply isn’t translating on the field.

Currently, the Chiefs have the league’s 30th-ranked scoring defense. They’re also scraping the bottom of the barrel in total defense (26th overall). The NFL appears to have solved the Chiefs’ fearsome pass rush. Tamba Hali has just one sack through five games. Justin Houston’s been held without a sack since the Thursday night game with Denver. The Chiefs defense has gotten pressure fairly consistently, but they simply aren’t getting the quarterback to the ground. The lack of sacks has affected the back half of the defense and the secondary’s been picked on repeatedly.

Sutton’s coverage schemes have also been a thorn in the side of this defense. His reliance upon single-high sets, and apparent inability to make in-game adjustments have been major contributing factors in all four of Kansas City’s losses. Remember last year when the defense didn’t allow a 300-yard passer all season? They’ve done it twice in two of the last three weeks. The back half of the 2014 season was sufficient evidence for Reid to consider a fresh face at defensive coordinator. He stuck with Sutton and unsurprisingly, he’s twice bitten.

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