Writing on the wall for the Chiefs: Andy Reid must go

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3. Offensive ineptitude

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You might want to look away now. I’m about to cite a series of offensive stats that just might make your stomach turn. On the chance that you can’t keep your lunch down, kindly send the dry-cleaning bill to Arrowhead Stadium. You’ve been warned. If you don’t have a 20-ounce bottle of 7-up and a package of Saltines within arm’s reach by now, you asked for it.

  • The Chiefs have just two offensive touchdowns in the past eight quarters of football
  • The offense is 17-for-60 on third downs (good for an efficiency rating of 28 percent)
  • Alex Smith has two passing touchdowns in the past 18 quarters
  • The Chiefs are tied for 20th in red-zone scoring (scoring TDs 50 percent of the time)
  • Smith’s been sacked 22 times in 2015 (4+ times per game)

Andy Reid has reserved offensive play calling for himself. Much of Kansas City’s well-publicized offensive struggles can be traced back to that fact. Reid just seems lost anymore. He is too conservative by today’s NFL standards, and he’s stifling a number of playmakers. His reluctance to commit to anything has robbed the offense of an identity and it’s shown up on the field four weeks in a row.

Let me be clear: I’m not calling for an in-season firing of Andy Reid. I’m not sure the Chiefs have good interim head coaching options. The Reid regime should end promptly after the 2015 season though. Chairman Clark Hunt created an unconventional system of accountability where both Andy Reid and John Dorsey answer to him separately. Dorsey’s given Reid a number of tools, and he’s failed to make the most of them. The organization needs new blood. I’d humbly submit John Pagano, Pep Hamilton, or Frank Reich as the next head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Have you had your fill of Andy Reid in Kansas City? Is it still too early to call for his head? Who would you consider as Reid’s successor? Use the comment section below to weigh in. As always, we appreciate your readership and support.

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