Chiefs giving us reasons for optimism

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Nov 1, 2015; London, United Kingdom; Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Sean Smith (21) deflects a pass intended for Detroit Lions receiver Calvin Johnson (81) during game 14 of the NFL International Series at Wembley Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Reason To Be Optimistic #2

The second reason the Chiefs may still be alive in the playoff race is really about the other teams in the AFC. This isn’t what you would call a “strong year” of football we’re watching this season.  Take a look for yourself.

Five of the 16 teams in the AFC are over .500 so far this season. There is a very realistic possibility that we may see an 8-8 team grab a wild card spot this year. This is just another reason why Kansas City may not even have to be good this year but just good enough to be a playoff team.

From what I’ve seen in the three wins the Chiefs have attained so far, the commonality lies in the trend of opponents with sub par quarterbacking and or offensive lines. Aside from Denver, the most complete team left on that schedule is Oakland.

So in theory, even if the Chiefs were to lose to the Broncos next week and get swept by the Raiders or even split with Raiders and Chargers they will still be sitting at 8-8.

Reason To Be Optimistic #3

One of Kansas City’s three wins is against the Steelers who more than likely are going to be fighting for a wild card as well after their most recent loss to the Bengals. The Chiefs would win the tie breaker in the very premature hypothetical scenario if it came down to the final week. Another advantage in regards to competing with Pittsburgh for a wild card spot is Kansas City seems on paper at least to have an easier slate of opponents on their remaining schedule.

I’m not saying I’m convinced by any means that Kansas City will turn it around. I think they’ve dug themselves a pretty deep hole this season but this is a generous year by the league to have a bad year.

That’s what’s on my mind Addicts, what’s on yours?