How the Chiefs can reach the playoffs

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Rex Ryan is getting a second chance…with an eerily similar situation. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Week 12 – Chiefs vs. Bills

The Chiefs will be confident after a win against the Chargers and will pressure whomever the Bills have in at quarterback. The undisciplined style of Buffalo will doom them late in the game to allow a Cairo Santos winning, field goal.

Chiefs 20, Bills 17

Other key matchups:: OAK@TEN, MIA@NYJ, PIT@SEA

Oakland is up again after beating Detroit but this will be a tough game for them. Look for kicker Sebastian Janikowski to pull this one out for the Raiders. The Jets will get back on track with a win against the Dolphins at home, effectively eliminating Miami from the wildcard. The Steelers run into a wall that is Seattle’s defense and though the offensive line for the Seahawks is still under-performing, Russell Wilson will win this game.

Standings after week 12:

Steelers (6-5)

Raiders (6-5)

Chiefs (5-6)

Jets (5-6)

Bills (5-6)

Dolphins (4-7)

Week 13 – Chiefs at Raiders

This is the pivotal game. This will decide if the Chiefs have the mental fortitude to make the playoffs. We all know that they have the talent on paper, can they put their toughness on the line and make a statement against the Raiders? I say they can and will.

Chiefs 27, Raiders 3

Other key matchups: NYJ@NYG, HOU@BUF, IND@PIT

The Jets have an away game in their own stadium and with the way the Giants are playing on offense it will be tougher than you think. Fitzpatrick should be back for this game so I predict a Jets win. Buffalo will take care of Houston at home if only by a few points. Indianapolis has yet to live up to the Super Bowl expectations that they were saddled with at the beginning of the season, Pittsburgh wins easy.

Standings after week 13

Steelers (7-5)

Chiefs (6-6)

Raiders (6-6)

Jets (6-6)

Bills (6-6)

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