NFL Trade Deadline: Will the Chiefs be players?

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Knile Davis carries trade value as both a kick returner and running back. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs as sellers:  The 2015 season is over and the Chiefs are looking to rebuild and move forward.  It’s time to focus on the future and how to change the image and mindset of this organization.

Knile Davis (Cowboys, Browns, Texans, Jets, and Broncos):  With Charcandrick West getting the lion’s share of snaps at running back, and the team clearly liking what they have seen from undrafted free agent Spencer Ware, Davis suddenly becomes very expendable.  The Chiefs will likely be counting on Jamaal Charles to return in 2016, so there projects to be a bit of a log-jam.  Davis has home run ability that will attract teams like the Cowboys and Browns.  His kick return ability will add intrigue for the Texans who are reportedly considering moving on from Arian Foster.  And for the Jets or Broncos, he factors in as a decent rotation back who can get a hot hand going.

But the value on Davis will not be high.  The Cowboys only gave up a seventh round pick for Christine Michael, and I don’t expect much higher than that for Knile.  His return ability might be enough to kick it up to a sixth round pick depending on who is offering, but overall it’s not much to get excited about.

My verdict: I don’t see Knile Davis making the squad in 2016, so it comes down to how the Chiefs see this season.  If all is lost, make the trade and get what you can.

Dontari Poe (Cowboys, Bears, Falcons, Colts, and 49ers): Yep, I’m going here.  Now, this part is important:  THE CHIEFS SHOULD ONLY CONSIDER THIS MOVE IF THEY CAN GET JAYE HOWARD RE-SIGNED!!!  If Howard is on the roster, then Poe becomes much easier to replace.  Poe has started to struggle with injuries, and there is a pretty good chance that is something that will only get worse.  A back injury on a lineman is a big deal.  Almost every Chiefs fan has been calling on the organization to find him some relief to get him off the field.  They appear to have done that with Howard, but it may be too little to late.

The value on Poe will be decent, though some teams will worry about his health.  However, Poe is the kind of player that a lot of teams will have a hard time passing on.  A third round pick and an additional later round pick shouldn’t be a problem for the Chiefs to wrangle.  A team like the Colts could even be tempted to give up as much as a second because of their huge need for defensive help.

My verdict: As I said, only consider this if Jaye Howard is getting re-signed.  But should that be the case, I would go ahead with this.  Poe’s health concerns have me a little tentative with him.

Josh Mauga (Chargers, Bills, Buccaneers, Texans, and Bears): Josh Mauga is suddenly a valuable piece to have.  A 3-4 inside linebacker who has starting experience at both spots, plus a 100 tackle season under his belt.  Teams with run defense issues especially will be looking hard at him.  With the emergence of Ramik Wilson, Mauga is largely expendable to the team.  Of course, that is dependent upon Wilson’s health.

Mauga won’t command a lot, but a fourth or fifth round pick could be very possible to a team that needs a veteran presence for the next couple of years.

My verdict:  I see this as nothing but a positive.  With the BYE week here, Ramik Wilson gets an extra week to heal which means there should be no issue there.

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