NFL Trade Deadline: Will the Chiefs be players?

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It was just three years ago that the Redskins gave up a kings ransom to get RGII, yet now they may be in an identical situation in order to move on from him. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

John Greco – OG – CLE:  Oddly enough, the Cleveland Browns are really good at finding linemen.  So good, in fact, that they actually have a log jam on their offensive front that makes a guy like Greco expendable.  The Browns are also reportedly open to selling off a lot of their talent on the offensive line to help rebuild.  Greco is a right guard, so there is no question as to where he would fit in.  He still has years left on his contract which means the Chiefs could address the RG spot for the next couple of years.  Placing a veteran like Greco on the other side of Mitch Morse could do wonders for the rookie.  That would be a wealth of experience for him to lean on.  Plus, it would solidify the gap between right tackle and center, which makes the jobs of those two positions much easier.

The downside?  He’s coming into his 30s, which means there will be some wear and tear on him as well as a ceiling on his future.  The Chiefs passed on Evan Mathis and Andy Levitre, both in their 30s.  Yes, they added Grubbs, but there was zero doubt they needed a veteran presence at the time.

My verdict:  Make it happen!

Robert Griffin III – QB – WAS:  At this point, one would have to assume that RGIII is finally available.  Of course, that doesn’t mean Dan Snyder will be willing to part with him for anything that would be considered reasonable.  The past couple of years have been rough on RGIII, but there is a natural talent base to work with.  Griffin is capable of doing things that most of his peers simply cannot do.

However, I don’t know how much confidence anyone could put in Griffin right now.  He has not played well recently, has an injury history, and has been at odds with both of his NFL head coaches now.  That doesn’t paint an attractive picture in my book.

My verdict:  Stay away.

Michael Floyd – WR – ARI:  The Chiefs have some promising young wide receivers, but the big play ability of Michael Floyd is hard to ignore.  Floyd’s sophomore campaign showed signs of pure dominance.  He is a big target with tremendous athleticism and ball skills.  He could provide an excellent end zone target for possessions in the red zone (cue “Alex Smith doesn’t throw it in the end zone” or “Andy Reid doesn’t call plays into the end zone” comments).  It’s also an odd scenario as the Cardinals shouldn’t be considered sellers at this point, but given the situation surrounding Michael Floyd, I wouldn’t be surprised if they listen to some offers.

The big question here is what has happened to his production?  Floyd has seemingly taken a step back from being the team’s future star wide receiver.  Not just statistically, but also strategically as the Cards have re-signed Larry Fitzgerald and drafted John Brown.  Not a vote of confidence for Floyd.  And from the Chiefs point of view, you have to consider how a player like Floyd may hamper the development of Albert Wilson and Chris Conley since Floyd would be on the roster for more than just this year.

My verdict:  Have to wait and see where the young guys are going, so can’t pursue Floyd heavily.

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