K.C. Chiefs “Taking a Fifth”

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Oct 4, 2015; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid reacts from the sidelines in the second half against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. The Bengals won 36-21. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

 The Five Love-Hate Languages

"“I take full responsibility for penalties.” ~Andy Reid following the loss to the Minnesota Vikings, 10-18-15"

What could Andy Reid mean by that? Could it possibly mean that he didn’t prep his players for the eventuality that their could be penalties during a game of football? I’m making no pun or joke here… what could Andy Reid possibly mean by that statement.

Once again, if he’s attempting to deflect blame from his players who were called for Holding on Grubbs (declined), Holding on Morse and Holding on Stephenson, then Pass Interference on Maclin, Illegal Contact on Abdullah (declined), Holding on Nelson, Roughing the Passer on Howard, Off-side on D. Harris (declined), Chop Block on West, and Unsportsmanlike Conduct on Travis Kelce… someone please explain to me how these penalties are on Andy Reid?

"“There’s a positive you can take out of this game.” ~Andy Reid following the loss to the Minnesota Vikings."

→ Then the following was heard in an echoing-tonal-unison groan around the city of Kansas City… “W – T – F ?

Oh yea, then there’s this…

"“51 yards of offense in the first half with 50 yards of penalties.” ~ Andy Reid, this week."

The big 5-…oops there goes, another rubber tree plant………. and season!

Cinco de My oh My

I sympathize with the Native Americans who’d like the Chiefs to change their name. Is there something sacred about that name? No? I would agree. The organization could have a contest to help change the name and be at the forefront of what will continue to be a social issue until a whole culture of people feel like the organization is no longer demeaning or diminishing their race.

Let’s get out in front of it… and perhaps that Washington team… as well as others… will follow suit.

Here are a few names of nobility to ponder:

Kansas City Kings– take the old NBA name and keep it in the family… they’re never coming back anyway

Kansas City Monarchs– in honor of the cities’ Negro league baseball beginnings

Kansas City Sultans– kind of rolls off the tongue

The Counts of Kansas City- to honor Count Basie and our jazz heritage

Kansas City Pharaohs– no real link to K.C. but a pyramid stadium cover for Arrowhead would be awesome… and maybe it could help them keep their chakras aligned

Kansas City Dukes– as in… “put up your dukes.” It could give this team the fight they need

55 is the Limit

#55 OLB Dee Ford played 5 snaps against the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday.


Rotoworld says this about Dee Ford,

"“Ford played on just 122 snaps as a rookie, generating two sacks and five quarterback hurries. It looked like his time was going to come this year, but then Hali agreed to a pay cut. So now Ford, the No. 23 overall pick in 2014, is without a direct path to playing time again. Defensive coordinator Bob Sutton would do well to expand Ford’s role, even if it’s just more sub-package reps.”"

Ford’s quickness could be a real plus for the Chiefs but he’s going to have to get the snaps and reps for him to develop. I’m talkin’ to you, Bob. If they made a movie inspired by this year’s defense it would called, “Searching For Bobby Sutton.”

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