Kansas City Chiefs: Stop the Insanity!

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Oct 18, 2015; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid looks on during the third quarter against the Minnesota Vikings at TCF Bank Stadium. The Vikings defeated the Chiefs 16-10. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Reid needs to give up the play calling duties.

I know many Chiefs fans are calling for Reid’s job, but I just don’t see that as realistic (at least not yet). If the Chiefs finish the season with one of the worst records in the NFL then we can have that conversation after the season is over. However, the play calling issue could change immediately with very little actually having to change. Unlike the defense, nobody would have to be fired in order for this change to take place.

The Chiefs already have an offensive coordinator in Doug Pederson, he just isn’t currently calling the plays. I have heard many Chiefs fans say that they would go with “Special Projects” coach Brad Childress because of his experience, but that would call for a bigger shift in responsibilities. While Childress would be a safer choice, its not like the Chiefs are in the running for the playoffs here, they can afford to take chances. I get that Pederson hasn’t ever called plays before, but that doesn’t mean he can’t do it. Yes, he is an unknown, but I think the Chiefs should use the rest of this otherwise wasted season to try and get answers for some of those unknowns. What if Pederson is actually a pretty good play caller? What if the answer to some of the horrific play calling issues is ALREADY THE OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR and all Reid has to do is get out of his way?

That’s about as easy of fix as you can get. Once again, is it a sure fire improvement? Nope, but at least it’s an attempt to fix something that is CLEARLY an issue. Reid’s play calling has been horrific, predictable, and at times (like any time there’s less than two minutes on the clock) completely incompetent. This needs to happen now. I still believe that Andy Reid can be a successful NFL coach. He has years worth of knowledge and experience that he can share with the players if he’ll just get his nose out of the play sheet and COACH THE TEAM! The players seem to like and respect Reid and if he could focus on actually coaching them and leave the play calling to someone else he might just save his job.

Finally, the quarterback….

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