Kansas City Chiefs: Season Over


To say that 2015 is going badly would be a wild understatement. With the Detroit Lions recording their first win of the year against the Chicago Bears, a team who the Kansas City Chiefs woefully lost to last week, Andy Reid’s team is tied for the NFL’s worst record.

Even the Oakland Raiders look better than the Chiefs right now. This is a roster stacked with supposed talent. The defense should have been elite, the offense had great potential and the special teams should have been as good as last season. Unfortunately, Kansas City has failed to fulfill any sort of potential that many ascribed to it in the preseason.

The blame game has been played recently here on Arrowhead Addict and many have weighed in. Yet, there is no one part of the franchise to lay all the blame. The coaches, players and owner all must take responsibility for the failures of this team. That is the sign of a truly dreadful franchise.

The 2015 season is now over, and the only thing to look forward to is an intriguing London match up with the Detroit Lions, trying to not lose to the Raiders and the 2016 NFL Draft. Now that is a depressing sentence to write.

Patrick Allen wrote after the loss last week against the Bears that the 2015 was dead. While I did not disagree with his assessment of the Bears game and the more than disappointing start to the season, I was still hopeful that the season could be salvaged. Hope exists no more.

The season is over, and the Chiefs losing out might not be the worst outcome. It pains me to say that the most exciting thing to happen for the Chiefs this year will be the 2016 NFL Draft, where they hopefully will be looking for a franchise quarterback.

What have we got to look forward to for the rest of the year? Well, it will be exciting to watch Marcus Peters continue to develop into an absolute stud, as long as Bob Sutton stops playing off-coverage and allows Peters to play his natural game in bump-and-run.

It will be fascinating to see the maturation of Allen Bailey and Jaye Howard up front. It will be intriguing to watch whether Dee Ford can avoid the label of a bust, and the London game is at least something that Chiefs Kingdom have never experienced before.

However, all of these pale in significance when compared to the failures of this team. Whether you blame Reid and his coaching staff, whether you look at Alex Smith, or whether you believe  the players simply aren’t executing, what cannot be argued anymore is that 2015 is well and truly over, and that is a sad truth of Chiefs football.