RIP: 2015 Kansas City Chiefs


We gather today to mourn the loss of the 2015 Kansas City Chiefs. They were not with us long and their end was spectacular.

The 2015 Chiefs season came to an end today. Not just before Thanksgiving but heck, before Halloween. Way before Halloween.

KC came into the season with Super Bowl aspirations but instead, on October 11th, they became arguably the worst team in the NFL.

The Chiefs lost to a Bears team that is absolutely dreadful and that came into the game missing nearly all of its wide receivers. The Chiefs lost to this dreadful Bears team at home in what was a must-win, season-saving game. The Chiefs lost to this dreadful Bears team after giving up a 17-3 lead. The Chiefs lost to this dreadful Bears team after giving up another 4th quarter drive.

The Chiefs lost to this dreadful Bears team because the Chiefs, too, are dreadful.

Oh yeah, the Chiefs also lost RB Jamaal Charles, likely for the season, with what the team fears is a torn ACL.

It is a bit baffling. The Chiefs do have a ton of talent on their roster. On paper, they should be competing for a playoff spot and possibly even the AFC West. But the games ain’t played on paper.

Instead, KC is competing for the worst record in the NFL.

There are still 11 games to go and the Chiefs’ schedule is soft enough down the stretch that the team might be able to snag a few wins but it doesn’t look good. The offensive line is garbage, Charles is likely done and the defense, which was supposed to be a strength for this team, couldn’t stop Jay Cutler and a bunch of CFL players.

Make no mistake. The Chiefs’ season is over. Pack up your stuff. Play that annoying “Closing Time” song. The only mysteries that remain in 2015 for Chiefs fans are whether or not things will get so bad that a “fire Andy Reid” campaign will start up. Maybe the fans will start flying banners around the stadium again.

Chiefs fans deserve better than this. Guys like Eric Berry and Derrick Johnson deserve better than this.

RIP 2015 Kansas City Chiefs.

We hardly knew ye.