The Chiefs problems Pt 3: The Leadership

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Quick note: There will be no “Around the league in 32 plays” this week.  I apologize for anyone looking for that, but I put my time into writing this series on the current issues with the Chiefs.

The 2015 Kansas City Chiefs have been a shameful site to start the season.  While most seem to have found their favorite scapegoat or target, I’m here to tell you that it is not as simple as one or two people.  Somehow the Chiefs have allowed for a culture of losing and failure to permeate through the organization, and NOBODY has been untouched by it.

The truth is, there are no individuals at fault for what we’re seeing.  Every single member of the organization is holding some share of the blame.  Some have erred in obvious form, while others have dropped the ball behind the scenes.  And I’m here to hold every last one of them accountable…

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Here’s where we really start getting to the root of the problems in Kansas City.  You see, I’ve called out all of the players, but when you see who all is on that list there should be a sudden realization that most of these guys should not be part of the problem.  And that’s what points us to the coaching staff.  These are the men who are tasked with getting our players ready for game day each week.  Now, let me ask you…outside of the opener against Houston, has our team looked ready to play each week?

There aren’t very many positives to focus on when it comes to the 2015 Chiefs coaching staff. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Mental breakdowns against Denver, a lack of anything against Green Bay, a vanilla game plan against Cincinnati, and a simple lack of any kind of aggressiveness against Chicago.  These are coaching issues.  And they have got to stop.  Our coaches need to start delivering some fire and brimstone to these players, because right now there is no spark in the Chiefs organization.

Andy Reid

It all starts with the head man.  Andy has got to start getting onto his coaches about getting more from the players.  If a coach isn’t getting in the ear of a player who messed up, then Reid needs to be in that coach’s ear.  There needs to be an understanding that failure is not an option.  And that’s on Reid.  He has long been known as a “player’s coach”.  Well, it’s time for that to fall to the wayside and for him to start being a winning coach again.

It is also time that Andy Reid considers giving up the play calling duties.  I don’t care if it is Doug Pederson or Brad Childress, but somebody else needs to be calling this offense.  Reid can no longer be the guy focusing solely on running the offense.  The rest of the coaching staff isn’t strong enough for that right now.  Reid needs to be the guy making sure the team is executing and that everyone is on top of their game.  He needs to manage the game in its entirety.

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