Packers thrash Chiefs on MNF


The Kansas City Chiefs were pounded by the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football, losing 38-28 at Lambeau Field. The Chiefs showed no signs of life on either side of the ball or on the sideline until the game was well in hand, making the score much closer than the actual game.

This is not going to be a recap full of hot takes and hyperbole. The Chiefs could not move the ball on offense and almost allowed 500 yards of offense. Alex Smith was horrible until the Packers basically went into a shell, allowing him to take on another 200 yards of passing. It was ugly, and it hurt to watch.

The defense will be fine, especially with Sean Smith coming back from his three-game suspension. Smith is sorely missed with the Chiefs having to run Jamell Fleming and Marcus Cooper onto the field. Both Fleming and Cooper have shown that, at best, they are special teams players only.

On the positive side, Jamaal Charles scored three touchdowns on 82 total yards. Alex Smith did finish the game on a high note, throwing for 290 yards. He has only eclipsed that mark once with Kansas City in the regular season since joining the team in 2013.

Jeremy Maclin also went for over 100 yards, although again, most of that was in the end of the game. Maclin also caught a touchdown, something a Kansas City receiver has not done since Dec. 2013. Thank goodness that hideous mark is in the past.

The Chiefs need to pick up the pieces. This is a talented football team. This team can contend for great things, but Smith needs to step up, the secondary needs to get its act together, and the coaching staff has to stop calling 4-yard swing passes on 3rd and 10.

Get a good night’s sleep and move on.