Podcast: How to move past Denver and beat the Packers


On this episode of the Roughing the Kicker podcast, Joshua Brisco recaps the Chiefs crushing defeat at the hands of the Denver Broncos and previews Monday Night’s challenge in Green Bay. How can Kansas City slow down Aaron Rodgers in one of the most difficult settings in football? Plus, what fans should expect from this team after blowing the Broncos game, a favorable analysis of Marcus Peters, and much more.

Before the Denver Broncos came to Kansas City,

I said that I had a renewed faith in Andy Reid and this Chiefs team.


An absolute disaster of a fourth quarter underscored a five-turnover performance by the Chiefs on Thursday, violently pushing the Chiefs out of the frontrunner position in the AFC West. There were a lot of potential scapegoats in that game (Jamell Fleming, Bob Sutton, Sean Smith, Alex Smith, Jamaal Charles, Andy Reid all rush to mind) but the problem was ridiculously simple.

Yes, the Chiefs might be “the better team,” as so many rushed to proclaim. But it simply doesn’t matter who’s better if you can’t record the victory.

Now this same team will go to Green Bay with a chance to pull off a major upset. Monday night in Green Bay is one of the most difficult settings in the NFL, but the Chiefs can hang around with any team in the league. However, if the Chiefs lose the turnover battle, call in sick on Tuesday morning.

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