Chiefs football: Best and worse of times


The air was crisp and clear, the future bright as the sun looming overhead. My crew and I got to the Thursday night game early, like four hours early. And were glad we did.

We had met at the Price Chopper about 3 p.m. CST, and at least one half of the customers were wearing Chiefs gear.


It was going to be an incredible evening.

We loaded the cart with bratwurst, corn on the cob, beer, and cans of beans. All would be on my special “Grill and Chill” grill and ice chest combo in less than an hour.

We went through the gates, set up our gear, and circled our chairs for four hours of stories, great food, great music, and great fun at the best NFL stadium in the world.

The crowd inside was roaring. The weather was near perfect.

I greeted and hugged my section family. We always keep in contact during the off season, but its wonderful to see them in person again.

We have been through a lot my section family and I.

And my seats. There they were waiting for me. Seats three and four, second row in my little section.

My seats for so many years. All mine. Nobody can sit in them unless I say they can.

I walked back several rows and greeted my childhood friend Freddie Patek, who occasionally makes it to the games with his family.

“It is better to be the shortest player in the tallest in the minors” he once said.

Freddie didn’t listen to the people who said he was too short to play for the Royals.

I bet he doesn’t listen to those who say the Chiefs will never win a Superbowl again either.

The thought made me smile as I walked back to my seats.

And we all know how the game started, and how it ended, just as it has ended in similar heart breaking fashion so many times before.

“Oh well,” we said finally after being silent on the walk back to the car.

“Lots of season left.”

And there certainly is.