Are we approaching the end of the Eric Fisher experience?


As we lick our wounds from Thursdays disaster of a game, and over react to all aspects of the game, to Alex Smiths performance to the play calling to Jamal Charles fumble to the defense being unable to stop Manning in the closing minutes of either half, there is another aspect of this team that may be playing out in front of our eyes. This staff may have waived the white flag on 2013 first round draft pick Eric Fisher.

May 27, 2015; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs tackle Eric Fisher (72) stretches during organized team activities at the University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

When reports initially broke on the 13th, the Sunday of the Chiefs season opener, that Eric Fisher pulled himself from the line up due to possible lingering issues with his ankle, many in this town reacted with frustration, anger, and a combination of the two. Starting in his place was Jah Reid, whom was recently claimed off waivers from the Baltimore Ravens after he was released during the final cut downs. Reid performed admirably, especially for a guy signed off the street just a few days prior. While Watt did record 2 sacks and totaled 9 tackles, he was unable to truly turn a game over as he’s done before.

After the game, head coach Andy Reid came to Fisher’s defense, indicating it was his, and not Fisher’s  decision to start Reid against the Texans, and the decisions were purely based upon health. While few fans truly believed the statement fully, we were willing to give the coach the benefit of the doubt. That was until this past Thursday int he game against the division rival Broncos.

Fisher reportedly practiced fully in all practices leading up to Thursdays game, but again was a spectator to Reid when the offense started the game and took the field.

Make no mistake, the Broncos have a good defense, but Reid held his own. Was he perfect, no. But he was solid. He also started over Fisher. While the coaching staff and especially Andy Reid can continue to talk that Fisher was a scratch from the starting lineup because of his ankle, Fisher was healthy enough to take over at left tackle for Donald Stephenson when he was rolled up on, but when Donald Stephenson had that ankle retaped and came limping back on the field, off the field came Fisher. Very telling. From that point on, unless we see Fisher in the starting lineup next Monday for the game against the Packers, it’s hard to think that Fisher has much of a future with this organization, at least as a starting level offensive lineman.

Maybe Fisher does have effects of a lingering ankle injury that starting and playing a full game isn’t possible. Don’t see how exactly that could be worse then a guy coming in cold off the street facing JJ Watt and Von Miller, but because it theoretically is an option, we can’t fully discount that notion. However, if Jah Reid starts at right tackle when the Chiefs take the field on the likely to not be frozen tundra at Lambeau against the Packers, we will all have a solid idea of what Fisher’s future with this organization is, if any.

Should be noted that current starting left tackle Donald Stephenon and currently injured guard Jeff Allen, and the aforementioned Jah Reid  are all scheduled to be free agents at the conclusion of this season, so Fisher may have value simply in that he will be under contract for the 2016 season, as depth. The team also has three offensive lineman on their practice squad currently; Daniel Muneyer and Jarrod Pughsley went to camp with the Chiefs this season, and Laurence Gibson was a late round selection of the Cowboys in the previous draft currently a member of the Chiefs practice squad. Perhaps the Chiefs view their practice squad members as potential depth in future seasons.

The end of the line of yet another Chiefs disappointing draft pick may very well be coming to an end, and by the looks of it, it will end quietly.