Coffee with the Chiefs – Picking up pieces


Good morning, Addicts! It’s Saturday, which means you can sit back, relax and spend some time with the family and/or watch some college football. Hopefully you are feeling better from the Thursday night fiasco, and if you are not yet, the weekend should be making you smile. Hopefully, we can enjoy a nice weekend of football and then it is onto the Green Bay Packers.

Here’s the news you need to know:

Chiefs fumble their chance to flip script in AFC WestLindsay H. Jones of USA Today

"Rarely is a handoff to Jamaal Charles, the Chiefs’ star do-everything running back, the wrong call. But when Charles was wrapped up by Denver linebacker Brandon Marshall, who punched the ball out of Charles’ right arm with such force that Marshall dislocated his right index finger, the Chiefs fumbled away the game and their best chance to beat the Broncos in years."

Bizarre loss could haunt Chiefs for a long timeAdam Teicher of ESPN

"But Reid’s words won’t be so easy to follow, and the sting of a seventh straight loss to Peyton Manning and the Broncos won’t subside so quickly. The Chiefs allowed two touchdowns in the game’s final 36 seconds to first let a seven-point lead slip away and then have it turn to defeat when Jamaal Charles’ fumble was returned for a touchdown."

Andy Reid is not second-guessing his play calls from ThursdayAdam Teicher of ESPN

"In the first quarter, the Chiefs had a first-and-goal at the Denver 2 but from there tried no running plays. Quarterback Alex Smith threw three passes, none into the end zone. The third was complete to Charles, who fumbled. Denver recovered that one too."

Jamaal Charles takes responsibility for lossAssociated Press

"Charles could have dodged reporters in the aftermath, just like he had so effortlessly the Broncos most of the night. He could have hung out in the showers until the locker room closed, or slipped away. But instead, Charles took ownership of the loss, vowing that he would put his performance behind him with 14 games still on the schedule."