The Chiefs must hold the line


Getting over the loss on Thursday night won’t be easy for the Kansas City Chiefs. On Friday, they will be in Arrowhead Stadium having to watch film and relive the nightmare that took place.

However, this is a team that needs to hold the emotional line. The Chiefs are 1-1 in a 16-game season. They have destiny remaining in their collective hands. This will undoubtedly be a dark moment for a long time, but they can overcome if the leaders on this team pull together.

Look, I was as dejected as anybody last night. Anyone who read the recap of the game could easily tell that. Still, I don’t hang my head looking into the future. Yes, the offense needs to be much better on third down because 3-for-20 to start the season is putrid. But here’s the thing I keep coming back to:

The Chiefs turned the ball over five times against the Denver Broncos, took 70 yards worth of penalties, dropped a pick-six … and still should have won.

In some ways, that says Kansas City is a far superior team to the Broncos. Unfortunately, a litany of mistakes hides that fact. In the past two years, think about what the score would have been if these two teams got together and the Chiefs did that. Kansas City would have probably loss by 24-30 points.

This is a team with a lockdown defense, a capable offense and normally, the best special teams in the game. While I believe winning the division now looks like a brutal road (if they are going to do it, the Chiefs must win in Denver), it no longer seems like a dream but an actuality. Kansas City just can’t continue to beat itself.

Now, it is time to move on. The loss is in the books, and the Chiefs must get ready for the Green Bay Packers.

Sometimes in life, it is darkest before the dawn.