Broncos at Chiefs: Weather update


The Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos are expected to be playing in perfect conditions on Thursday night at Arrowhead Stadium. Over at, the forecast is calling for a beautiful day that will continue well into the darkness. Hopefully the same can be said for the mood of every Chiefs fan on the planet.

This has to be considered optimal. The temperature should be right around 80 degrees with the humidity at a comfortable level, especially for the sauna that is Kansas City. There are some thunderstorms expected after midnight, but that should not impact the game.

Frankly, I don’t think the weather being perfect really affects either team. The Chiefs are going to be fine against the Broncos on a clean field, and Denver is built around speed, so it probably prefers it this way also.

In some ways, it is nice that the weather appears to be holding out. Who wants to win the game and then listen to the other fan base whining and crying for the next two months that it was only because of the rain? Either way, no team appears to have any excuses.