Kansas City Chiefs roster shows its depth

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After Travis Kelce, the cupboard is looking pretty bare at TE for the Chiefs. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Backup Tight End:  James O’Schaughnessy continues to be hit or miss on the field.  I’ll see him do something I really like on one play, and then he follows it up with something that makes me thing he’s never played football before.  His blocking still has a ways to go, and that’s really where the Chiefs need him.

I don’t expect him to be a world beater, or even worthy of starting.  Especially when it comes to pass catching.  But blocking is where a tight end is supposed to earn his money.  The Travis Kelce’s and Rob Gronkowski’s are exceptions to the rule.  Most NFL tight ends get their job by being able to block first and catch second.  Shag needs to step up there.

Ryan Taylor finally showed some life.  He had a decent game, but it was against backups.  And at this point in his career, I really don’t see anything noteworthy.  If this were a 22-year-old kid fresh out of college, it would be one thing.  Taylor is a five-year vet…so I’m not impressed.  I’m doubtful he makes the roster.

Richard Gordon went out and did Richard Gordon things.  He’s an average blocker, and virtually nothing as a receiver.  Gordon can make this team on his blocking, but it shouldn’t be anything to be excited about.  He’s in the same mold as Jason Dunn…but not nearly as good at what he does.  Gordon should be a “rolodex player.”  The kind of guy whose phone number you hang on to after you cut him…just in case.

Demetrius Harris missed another preseason game, which is frustrating.  However, he’s now back at practice, and I think the Chiefs are really excited about this young man.  And, in my opinion, they should be.  He’s already made the most important step from athlete to football player.  That’s huge progress.

Now he just needs to continue to build on that.  He has tremendous athletic ability and a frame that makes him an instant mismatch for almost anyone.  I doubt he’ll be at the level of a Tony Gonzalez, but he could certainly have a solid and productive career ahead of him.

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