Chiefs cut 11 players, four more to go


By Tuesday afternoon, the Kansas City Chiefs have to trim their roster from 90 to 75. It is one of the toughest times of the year for players and the front office, who has to crush dreams one man at a time. On Sunday morning, Kansas City moved toward the end of this unfortunate process, cutting 11 players, per Terez Paylor of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Out of all these cuts, the only real important name to pay attention to is Andrew East. East has been in a battle with James Winchester for the long snapper position and apparently lost out. There has not been any noticeable difference between the two during games, but this is why they pay specials teams coach Dave Toubs the big bucks.

There are four more cuts coming before Tuesday, so stay tuned for that. It would be stunning if any important names come through the wire, although stranger things have happened. We will also be watching the other 31 rosters, just in case some team decides to release a top player. It happens occasionally, with teams allowing a guy to hit the market early to catch on.