Chiefs roster: GM’s view of upgrading

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The pinnacle of the preseason is about to begin.  The Kansas City Chiefs are playing their third preseason in a few hours versus the Tennessee Titans.  As far as the on-field evaluations go, this is the big hoorah for NFL decision-makers.  The Chiefs roster is taking shape.

Friday’s game film will be the determining factor for a large group of of players currently on the roster.  For some, it will the beginning of the end.  For a few, it could be the beginning of a new chapter in another NFL city.

The core principal of being a successful NFL general manager is consistent, relentless evaluation.  John Dorsey is a grinder with little time for frivolous activity.  He wears the same sweatshirt seemingly year-round.  He has more important things to do than buy clothes.  It’s a good sign for the franchise.

The roster can always be improved and the General Manager is charged with continually accomplishing that goal.  Dorsey will be tracking some bubble players closely against the Titans; looking for value that may not make the 53-man roster.  These players are worth watching.

Tools in the toolbox

Dorsey has used a number of different approaches to upgrading the current roster.  He is comfortable using both the waiver wire and making trades.  Both can come in handy this preseason.

Safety is a position of strength for the Chiefs while it’s a growing need across the league.

Dorsey took advantage of the top waiver wire priority in 2013.  He used it to secure a group of players that have made significant contributions for the Chiefs. That group includes starters (full-time or fill-in) Ron Parker, Jaye Howard and Marcus Cooper as well as key role players Sean McGrath, Dezman Moses and James Michael-Johnson.

It represented the top of the cut-down day crop of talent.  This season the waiver wire will not be as fruitful, but there is a chance an offensive lineman or an inside linebacker could drift through and help the Chiefs.  Expect Dorsey to use it again.

The trading block has been a successful tool for Dorsey as well.  It garnered him an above average starting quarterback in Alex Smith, a core special teamer in Kelcie McCray and the only reliable starting offensive lineman on the roster.  Acquiring a two-time Pro Bowl guard like Grubbs for a fifth-round pick has proven to be a steal.  Grubbs has stepped in and become the anchor on the offensive line.  Without that trade, the 2015 Chiefs would be wasting one of the latter years of both Smith’s and Jamaal Charles’ careers.  The trading block could be useful this preseason.  There are a number of options.

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