Dee Ford Injury Update


Kansas City Chiefs fans everywhere got a bit of a scare Friday night when former first-round pick Dee Ford hit the turf and didn’t get up.

Late int he second quarter vs the Seattle Seahawks, Ford was rushing the passer in a third down situation. He got hit with a chip block pretty good by Seattle RB Christine Michael. Ford didn’t really see the hit coming as he was engaged with a blocker. The Chiefs OLB remained on the field where trainers assisted him.

The good news is that Ford got up and waked off the field under his own power. It doesn’t appears as though Ford had a concussion or anything and the hit was clean. Likely he just got the wind knocked out of him as the hit did look very hard.

Preseason is always scary because of situations like this. Football is a violent game and injuries are going to happen. All Chiefs fans can hope for is that any injuries that do occur are minor.

We will keep you updated on Ford and all other injuries. Andy Reid will speak to the media following the game, which as of this writing, is still at halftime.

Stay tuned to AA.

UPDATE: Chiefs reporter BJ Kissel has reported that Ford is questionable to return with a rib injury.

Likely a bruise but cross your fingers anyway.