What we learned from the Chiefs’ preseason victory


On this episode of the Roughing the Kicker Chiefs podcast, Joshua Brisco walks through the Kansas City Chiefs’ preseason victory over the Arizona Cardinals and highlights the plays and performances to note, including the impressive nights from Eric Fisher, Fred Williams, Charcandrick West and Chase Daniel. Plus, a glance at the latest news from training camp, injury updates and national buzz surrounding the Chiefs as football returns for 2015.

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I apologize for the fact that I forget that the preseason doesn’t really matter. As much as I don’t want to totally invest in warm-up games, it’s just so much fun to see the Chiefs take the field for the first time in this 2015 season. From the emotional return of Eric Berry to the gritty performance of Eric Fisher, so many things happened that it was nearly impossible to fit it into one podcast.

A backup quarterback, number three running back and essentially-unknown wide receiver ruled the day on offense, and Eric Fisher ruled the poor sap who tried to get by him. Alex Smith was uninspiring, but the second and third defenses were unrelenting. The Cardinals didn’t test the first team defense for very long, but is their touchdown drive cause for concern? (No. Stop it.)

Yes, we’re in the first week of the preseason. Yes, all of this will be forgotten by week two. However, there is so much to learn from this game and the bright spots that came with it.

On a national level, Gil Brandt wrote a piece about how and why the Chiefs will win the AFC West. As a Chiefs fan, do you like when the team gets national hype, or would you rather fly under the radar until it’s too late?

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