Chiefs camp: Rookies making an impression

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On the other side of the ball, Kansas City has first-round pick Marcus Peters. While he has had a couple of miscues in covering deep patterns on Sunday, he has shown a great ability to be right with the receiver and make a break on the ball. Peters seems to have a natural ability to be in the right place to pick off errant throws.

The Chiefs didn’t have nearly enough turnovers last year and that was partially caused by several dropped interceptions. Peters is not the type of corner that will be dropping those passes this year.

Justin March is an undrafted rookie free agent that looks like he may make a run at a position on the 53-man roster. Every day I’ve watched him he’s made a play that stands out. He’s now playing with the second team ahead of D.J. Alexander and he keeps making plays. The Chiefs are certainly not opposed to having UDFA players make the roster and this season it is possible that March is one of those guys.

What do you think, Addicts? What players from camp are standing out to you?