Chiefs camp: Rookies making an impression

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Rookie tight end James O’Shaughnessy has looked good from all reports coming out of camp. The times I have been at camp to see him, he has been impressive. He runs well for a tight end and has a knack for finding openings in coverage. I’ve seen him catch some well contested passes from both Chase Daniel and Alex Smith. He needs to work on his playing strength as he is a big body but doesn’t have the strength to hold up at the line of scrimmage yet.

Another player that stood out to me on offense was Fred Williams. Before going to camp I didn’t think he stood a chance at making the roster for opening day. I’m not saying he’s a lock or even likely to make the team but he is definitely putting his talent on display.

It isn’t a specific play here or there but his consistency, along with being in the right spot to allow the quarterback a place to deliver the ball. Williams’ time on the practice squad has served him well and he is someone who could find a spot on the roster if he is able to contribute on special teams.

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