Chiefs camp: Jeremy Maclin and Marcus Cooper fight


The Kansas City Chiefs have been playing nice all throughout training camp. Until Sunday, that is. During a drill, star receiver Jeremy Maclin and cornerback Marcus Cooper got into a little bit of a brawl, as seen in this tweet below:

This is interesting on a few levels.

Fights between teammates are nothing new during training camp. It gets hot, guys are sick of beating up on the same players, and things get a bit testy. After a while, in a sport like football, you are going to have some emotions boil over.

However, the fight happening between these two guys is intriguing. I love seeing this out of Maclin because it helps to dispel any notion that he’s a pretty boy who got paid. Maclin is not the biggest dude in the league, but he is willing to go after it.

On the flip side, Cooper is fighting for a job. Certainly, punching Maclin isn’t the brightest idea, but it shows the type of fight I want to see in him. Provided the two are fine now, this could be a good thing moving forward. Nobody got hurt, and that’s the main storyline. Here’s a little more on the scene:

Also, Dee Ford is being treated for a concussion:

This is not a huge problem provided the medical staff can get everything under control. Ford has never had a concussion before (at least at this level), so here is to hoping Ford does not miss too much time.

Let’s look at some tweets from the rest of the practice, including another near-brawl: