Chiefs training camp 2015: A quick recap of the first two days

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Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Smith and Maclin seem to have a good connection already. Smith found Maclin down the right sideline for two 40+ yard TD’s. Both throws made the more than 5,000 fans at camp cheer and it is something the Chiefs didn’t do enough of the past two years. The question is will it translate to the same types of throws in September? Obviously it’s too early to tell, but only a little over two weeks into workouts between OTA’s and minicamp and the two already seem to have a feel for each other.

Ron Parker had a great interception during 11-on-11. With his range, if Eric Berry comes back and plays like he did before he was diagnosed with cancer the Chiefs will have a very stingy pass defense. Berry and Parker have the ability to move around and the speed to cover a lot of ground quickly. Add in Husain Abdullah and Tyvon Branch and you have a group of safeties that will be fearsome against both the run and the pass.

I saw a couple of things after practice as well. While the running backs, linebackers and wide receivers all went to the Jugs machine after practice the last player there well after all the others was Albert Wilson. Wilson stayed on the Jugs machine while other players headed up the hill or over to sign autographs.

Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

After practice Tyler Bray took about 10 to 15 drops and throws to a positional coach. Most of the drops looked to be 3 to 5 step drops but he looks like he is getting close to returning from his ACL injury. For now Bray remains on the NFI list as he was injured outside of playing football in January. He needs to get back in a hurry as well as he needs reps to try to supplant Aaron Murray as the number 3 QB.

For fans that stay for autographs Smith and Chase Daniel definitely did not disappoint. While there were other Chiefs that signed for fans after practice, Smith and Daniel started at the furthest away from the hill up to the facilities and went all the way across the field a good 50 yards signing for hundreds of fans in the process. Both Smith and Daniel really impressed me with the time they were willing to spend with the fans after practice.

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