Are the Royals making Kansas City fans forget about the Chiefs?


The Kansas City Chiefs open training camp in five days. There are high expectations for the team coming off back to back winning seasons. Most fans believe in the direction of the team. Andy Reid seems to have brought a positive culture to the Chiefs locker room and general manager John Dorsey is keeping that locker room stocked with talented players as was evident when he signed star linebacker Justin Houston to a huge contract extension just over a week ago.

In years past, Kansas City sports radio and social media would be abuzz with Chiefs hype, but things are different this year. The Kansas City Royals have made the Chiefs an afterthought for many in KC as they continue their winning ways. They have the best record in the American League, they led the major leagues in players voted into the All Star game, they have a seven and a half game lead in their division, they are packing Kauffman Stadium on a nightly basis, and they just landed a true pitching ace in Johnny Cueto before the trade deadline.

Just a few short years ago this would have been unimaginable. By the time late July rolled around the Royals were completely out of contention and all but the most die hard baseball fans were moving on to the approaching NFL season. Sports talk radio might spend a few minutes on the previous night’s game, but most of their time was spent previewing Chiefs camp. People cared more about who might earn a second string roster spot for the Chiefs than who was the starting pitcher for the Royals that night. Now it seems that the tides have turned. While die hard Chiefs fans like myself (and many of you that are here reading this instead of at a Royals blog celebrating the Cueto trade) are still counting down the minutes until Chiefs camp gets underway, most of KC seems that they could care less.

Now let me be clear, I am happy for the Royals. I support the Royals. I own Royals gear. I’ll go to a game or two when I can. I watch them on TV when it’s convenient. I watched every game of their post season run last year, but they’ll never be “my team” the way the Chiefs are.

I’m just not as emotionally invested. The Royals help me pass the summer months until training camp gets here and I LOVE seeing the Kansas City sports scene get some national attention. I couldn’t be prouder of how the Royals faithful have represented KC both at the World Series and with the All Star voting, but I’m a Chiefs fan first and foremost.

So despite the enjoyment I get from seeing the Royals FINALLY prosper after years of losing, I have to say I’m missing the buzz that usually comes with the start of training camp and I’m wondering if I’m in the minority here. When you gather around the water cooler at work these days are you happy to spend the whole time talking about the Royals or are you like me and secretly wishing you could change the conversation somehow to who they think will win the starting center job? I also wonder if those of you Chiefs fans that don’t live in the region have noticed any difference at all? Is it business as usual or do you feel like there is a little lack of interest as well?

I’m sure for die hard baseball fans the idea of a Chiefs fan saying that they miss all the attention they used to get for the start of summer practices makes them smile from ear to ear. After all, the same way I’m annoyed that I can’t turn on the radio and hear more Chiefs coverage I’m sure they felt the very same way when the media would basically abandon their favorite team midway through their season. While that is certainly fair, let’s not act like Chiefs fans have been living the high life this entire time. The Royals have now been to two World Series and won one in the last thirty years while an entire generation of Chiefs fans are still waiting to see their first playoff win.

I thought it might be interesting to throw out the topic on Twitter and see what kind of responses I got. Here are just a few:

So what do you think, Addicts? Have you noticed a decline in interest in the Chiefs this summer with the Royals success? Have you personally paid less attention to Chiefs news because you’ve been following the baseball season more closely? Does it matter to you one way or another? Personally, despite what I perceive as a decrease in Chiefs hype, given the choice I would still certainly rather see the Royals succeed. I guess I’ll just have to get used to my team having to share the spotlight as the start of camp rolls around.

I still can’t wait for training camp to kick off this week. As usual, I’m planning on going up to St. Joe’s to watch for a couple of days, but maybe this year I should work in a Royals game while I’m in the area.

As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!! (and Royals)