NFL Training Camps: Around the league in 32 plays

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With NFL Training Camps being right around the corner, with the exception of the few that just started, I’m going to do a quick look at the top story for each of the 32 teams in the league heading into camp.  Be advised…this is not designed to give anybody a “warm fuzzy”.  Training Camp is where you get answers to important questions, not where you go for a pep rally.

It’s almost football season, Addicts!!!

Can the Cardinals finally keep a quarterback healthy? Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals:  Can the Cardinals keep a quarterback healthy?  In the last three seasons, the Arizona Cardinals have sent out seven different quarterbacks to start football games.  I sometimes think it’s more dangerous to be behind that offensive line than to be in Iraq (don’t get your panties in a wad…I’ve been there, I can say it).  At some point, the Cards have got to find a way to keep their QBs healthy.  Tall order with the medical marvel that is Carson Palmer.

Atlanta Falcons:  Will the “Patriot Way” pay off in Atlanta?  Scott Pioli has essentially been recreating the 2012 Chiefs in his new town…why, I have no idea.  I still don’t see any dynamic to the Falcons that they will need to take the next step.  At some point the Atlanta front office needs to figure out the limitations of Matt Ryan to Julio Jones…the rest of the league has.

Baltimore Ravens:  Was paying Joe Flacco the wrong move?  Seattle take note.  The Ravens rewarded Joe Flacco with a big time contract, and have since struggled to keep pace in the free agent market.  The team lost some of its fire when Ed Reed and Ray Lewis left, but there is still some there with Terrell Suggs.  But they need to start scoring some major hits with their draft picks to replace the talent that has been lost over the past several years.

Rex Ryan is getting a second chance…with an eerily similar situation. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Bills:  Will this be Rexy’s redemption?  Rex Ryan has about as good a chance to make a run as he ever has.  A defense stacked with talent that should fit very well with what he likes to do (get after the quarterback).  There is some elite talent on offense to go with it.  The problem?  Well, this is pretty familiar…it’s the quarterback.

Carolina Panthers:  Will they actually need a winning season to repeat as division champs?  The NFC South looks pretty bad…again.  I don’t know if it’s bad enough that 7-9 takes the division, but I wouldn’t be surprised at that.  The Panthers still have a strong defense, and they have faith that continuing to not provide Cam Newton with many weapons is the way to go.  But, until someone else in that division proves them wrong…

Chicago Bears:  How does Jay Cutler still have a job?  He’s a continuous disappointment when you look at results compared to talent.  Nobody on the team seems to likes him.  And the city is ready to tar and feather him.  Yet Cutler remains a well-paid, starting, quarterback.  Does he have what it takes to help the Bears rebound, or is this team heading to the cellar?

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