Coffee with the Chiefs – Harvard loves Kansas City


Good morning, Addicts! It’s Friday, which soon will mean Red Friday. It will be the last day of the work week for many before they can chill out and watch college football on Saturday before settling in to watch the Kansas City Chiefs with loved ones, friends or 80,000 screaming maniacs at Arrowhead Stadium.

For now, it means the beginning of a summer weekend. It is tough to complain. Here’s the latest news from around the web.

Harvard sees Chiefs as a playoff teamB.J. Kissel of

"Per this article, the Denver Broncos have a 62 percent chance, the Chargers are at 33 and the Raiders come in with an NFL-low 1 percent chance of making the playoffs in 2015."

Cranky CBS Sports writer disagrees with HarvardJohn Breech of

"Bullard has clarified that his model does take the schedule into account. That being said, I still think the Chiefs are going to fall flat on their face during the season’s first four weeks."

Preview of third down defensive package?Seth Keysor of Arrowhead Pride

"Essentially, for a team to be comfortable here they would need to keep a tight end and running back in blocking every time. Which, you know, leaves three wide receivers running routes against seven defenders. I’ll take those odds."

Why Steve Fuller did not work out for Kansas CityBob Moore of

"Comparisons to Joe Montana were sure to come up as Fuller struggled. Les Miller, the team’s personnel head at the time the two players were coming out of college, was not bashful in pulling out his scouting reports on the two to prove a point when queried."

Why Jeremy Maclin will pay off for the Chiefs – Krystle Bittner of Pro Football Spot

"Jeremy Maclin isn’t only a spectacular player but also, a caring and helpful person off the field. He recently visited Kirkwood High school with his “JMac’s back to school packs” which supplied children with school supplies and other materials they will need for the new school year. Maclin has a big heart, and his passion for success follows him on and off the field."