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John Dorsey is riding high in Kansas City right now after a masterful job of getting Justin Houston signed. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

As we continue to revel in the glory of knowing that Justin Houston has been signed for the next six years, it’s important to remember that a general manager’s job is never done.  I can assure you that John Dorsey has not forgotten that.  Over the next several weeks, there will undoubtedly be plenty of rumors tying the Chiefs to various free agents, but that isn’t where Dorsey’s top efforts will be focused.  No, he has something much larger (both physically and metaphorically) on his mind.  One, Dontari Poe.

Earlier this offseason, the Chiefs made the VERY smart decision to exercise the fifth year option on Dontari Poe’s contract.  Why was that such a smart decision?  Well, for one, it gave the Chiefs some breathing room to finish up Justin Houston’s contract.  Second, it ensured that even if the Chiefs were unable to get Poe a new deal this year, they would not be losing him to free agency.  And finally, it puts pressure on Poe to sign a contract.  Had this been the final year of his deal, Poe could have gambled on himself as Houston did.  But with two years left on his contract, plus the potential franchise tag in 2017, the Chiefs are the ones holding the cards here.

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We know that the Chiefs have reached out to Dontari Poe.  During the Houston contract presser, John Dorsey specifically mentioned Poe as one of the individuals he had been in contact with.  And while that is excellent news, there are a number of questions that arise…

Dontari Poe: 3-4 Nose Tackle or Defensive Tackle?

One of the biggest questions facing Poe’s contract situation is on what position label he will be given. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Some of you are undoubtedly thinking ‘Umm, duh, he’s a 3-4 Nose Tackle since the Chiefs play a 3-4’.  Well, for on the field purposes, you would be correct.  But this is a contract discussion, and Poe’s agent will be trying to get the best deal he possibly can.  That’s actually another concern here…Poe’s agent is Jimmy Sexton.  Where do you know that name from?  Well, it just so happens that he just made Ndamukong Suh the highest paid defensive player in the NFL.  Yep, that Jimmy Sexton.

So while the answer of Poe’s exact position is obvious to Chiefs fans, it’s another issue entirely at the negotiating table.  And the importance of that designation is huge.  How huge?  The top paid 3-4 Nose Tackle, according to Over The Cap, was Barry Cofield at $6 million per year, prior to his release.  Suh is making $19 million per year.  A $13 million per year difference is kind of a big deal.

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