Justin Houston’s contract is good for the Chiefs

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Some seem to have forgotten that Houston has absolutely earned his new contract. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


Here’s where I’m really going to hammer the point home.  So many fans were worried that the Chiefs salary cap was going to be “crippled” with Houston’s contract.  Well, that didn’t happen at all.  In fact, John Dorsey used the new deal to open up ample space for this year.  Approximately $8 million, plenty more than a team would need for roster maintenance during the season.  In fact, this amount suggests that the Chiefs aren’t done making moves.  A new signing, or even re-signing, is very possible.

The second fear was that there wouldn’t be any money to re-sign players next year.  Again, wrong.  The Chiefs should have approximately $26 million to work with in 2016, and that is if none of our current cap space rolls over.  $26 million with 60 contracts accounted for, which means seven of the players currently counting against that number will not be on the roster.  Is that good?  Yeah, I think that’s good.  That much money is plenty for re-signing plenty of talent that will be eligible for free agency.  In fact, it’s only $5 million less than when Dorsey came to the Chiefs in 2013 with what was described as plenty of cap space.  If I recall correctly, he made quite a few moves that year.

With the additional cap space opened up, the Chiefs may re-sign more of their top players…like Dontari Poe. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Beyond 2016, there really is no concern at all.  Our cap space continues to grow each year, which will make it easier and easier for Dorsey to plan around Houston’s contract.  Yes, it is a big contract.  In fact, it’s the second largest for any defensive player in the NFL.  But the Chiefs have managed their salary cap well and were prepared for it.  And they now have the best pass rusher in the NFL locked up, in his prime, until 2021.  That’s a good bit o’ financial finanglin by the front office.

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