Kansas City Chiefs: “Justin Houston, we have a solution!”


The Kansas City Chiefs have done it! They’ve signed Justin Houston to a long term deal!

When linebacker Justin Houston signed his new contract with the Kansas City Chiefs he became the highest paid linebacker in the history of the National Football League. For the Chiefs, they locked up the other half of the best pass rushing duo in the NFL and the best duo in the history of the franchise. Yes, even better than Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith.

For John Dorsey, this marks the most significant move he’s made in any capacity with any team. Arguably, you could say helping the Green Bay Packers draft Aaron Rodgers was more significant but, this was Dorsey on his own. All John Dorsey. I wrote a piece a few weeks ago called “The 13 Grooviest Moves of John Dorsey” in which I stated that the signing of Jeremy Maclin was the grooviest move he’s made so far in his tenure with the Chiefs. Well, I would now amend that to say the signing of Justin Houston to the largest contract in the Kansas City Chiefs history is now the biggest and grooviest move he’s ever made.

For Andy Reid, and defensive coordinator Bob Sutton, this is hitting the jackpot. Securing the best pass rusher in the league for many more years affects all levels of defensive scheming as well as drafting for the future. You can almost hear the collective guttural groans of quarterbacks reverberating all over the league:

O h h h h   n o o o o o ! ! ! ! !  

With the best pass rusher in place, for who knows how many years now (at least the next six according to this contract), the defensive attention is turned to pass coverage and the running game and the challenges there now become monumentally easier to deal with. Also, this gives the team a player they can build around. A player, which other players across the league, will want to come and play with.

For Clark Hunt, this marks the end of an era. Kansas City Chiefs fans have forever carried the negative mantra, “Our ownership is cheap.” By shelling out one of the biggest contracts in NFL history to an up and coming player at the peak of his powers, Hunt has staked his claim to a commitment, “We shall challenge for championships for years to come.” This signing was that important and Clark Hunt is showing us that he is willing to make his own mark on this organization and this city.

One grand Scottish kilt curtsy to everyone involved in signing Justin Houston!

What do you say now, Addict Fans? Is everybody happy?