Coffee with the Chiefs – Justin Houston contract talks


Good morning, Addicts! It’s a tense day for the Kansas City Chiefs and their fans, as the Justin Houston saga continues. Houston’s representation and the Chiefs are reportedly going to talk on Tuesday about trying to make a long-term deal work, something it would seem both sides would like to do.

Keep in mind, the clock is ticking and the hands of time are getting louder with every second. At 4 p.m. CST, the Chiefs and Houston can no longer discuss a long-term deal until after the season. Tick tock.

Chiefs, Houston to meet on TuesdayDan Schmelzer of NFL Spin Zone

"Florio tells us to watch out for the importance of signing bonus in these negotiations, but that isn’t going to be the only hold-up in talks between Houston and the Chiefs tomorrow. Since he’s young but already one of the most proven edge rushers in the game (and he can also play some excellent run defense on a team that defended the run poorly last year due to injuries), he’s going to make sure that a long-term deal includes as much money as possible."

Houston, Chiefs plan to talk TuesdayJoel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride

"The hope here is that a deadline can spur some action as they tend to do. I’m not convinced that it will considering it seems that the two sides are far apart. Something has to give between the two sides if they’re going to do a deal."

Kansas City seventh in pain rankingsDan Hanzus of

"In the years since, Montana got that Skechers money, the Oilers and Ace of Base slipped into the societal ether and the Spring Fling dance took its rightful place as a monument to teenage failure. As for the Chiefs, they’ve appeared in eight playoff games since that day, losing every damn one of them. The active streak is an ignominious NFL record shared with the Detroit Lions."

Derrick Johnson ready to play againB.J. Kissel of

"So for an 11-year NFL veteran like Derrick Johnson to genuinely look forward to that grind, that’s a passion for the game manifesting itself through the lack of on-field time a season ago, when Johnson was put on IR after rupturing his Achilles in Week 1 against the Tennessee Titans."