Alex Smith gets power-ranked by SI writer


On Monday, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith was part of a league-wide power ranking by Sports Illustrated writer, Andy Benoit. Benoit, who I have known personally over the years, is a great read because he actually does film study on every team. Therefore, you get an honest, non-media crazed ranking of the quarterbacks here.

Benoit decided to put Smith at No. 18, a place I feel is a tad low but not insanely low. Smith has always been known as a game-manager but someone who isn’t going to lose the game, which is where much of his value lies. With Smith, you must have a good team around him to succeed, which clearly leaves him out of the top tier such as Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, who were ranked first and second, respectively.

Some of the shockers came with Philip Rivers being ranked ahead of Drew Brees (Nos. 6 and 7) while Eli Manning (No. 11) was placed ahead of Russell Wilson (No. 12). While Manning has won two Super Bowls, he has really struggled to be consistent throughout his career. Wilson is the perfect dual-threat quarterback and has a ring already, but I don’t crush Benoit’s ranking here. Wilson has an incredible team around him, allowing the fourth-year quarterback to avoid tough throws.

As for Smith, he was ranked ahead of his former backup with the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick has incredible physical gifts but earns his spot at No. 21 because he makes too many mistakes. Also, turn on the tape and you see him struggle to get through progressions.

My one massive gripe in the rankings is how Smith is a spot behind Jay Cutler. I understand that Cutler has more arm talent by a mile, but he has proven to be a pouting disaster with the Chicago Bears. I would be enraged if Smith was traded for Cutler.

Where do you stand, Addicts? Was Smith put in the right place or short-changed something fierce?