Chiefs gets disrespected by ESPN writers


The projections for the Kansas City Chiefs are all over the map. Some believe the Chiefs are one of the best teams in the National Football League, while others have power-ranked Kansas City behind the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars. It is going to be fascinating watching this 2015 group, proving some fools wrong on a daily basis.

Speaking of proving fools wrong, ESPN Chiefs writer Adam Teicher posed a question to the rest of the AFC West writers on Tuesday, asking which team has the best chance of unseating the Denver Broncos. Denver has won the last four division crowns, but has endured a mass exodus in the offseason and might be getting a Peyton Manning of diminishing returns.

In the three answers from Jeff Legwold, Bill Williamson and Eric D. Williams, there was not a single mention of the Chiefs. Well, Legwold mentioned them once.

"The Chiefs may not have answered enough of their offseason questions and may face the same offensive struggles if running back Jamaal Charles doesn’t have a far healthier 2015."

Somehow, adding Ben Grubbs and Jeremy Maclin isn’t answering offensive questions. In that vein, all three picked the San Diego Chargers as the most likely team to take the mantle from Denver.

So, San Diego made some huge improvements right? They must have, since they were incredibly healthy last season at all their key positions and still finished behind the Chiefs, who also beat them twice without the services of Eric Berry, Derrick Johnson, Jeff Allen and Mike DeVito.

Nope. The Chargers signed Orlando Franklin to step in at guard (Ben Grubbs, anyone?) and then essentially swapped Eddie Royal out for Steve Johnson. Oh yeah, they also signed that guy, Absolutely Nobody, on defense. Any time you can have a front seven that I could start in, you have to love it.

Seriously? Outside of Corey Liuget, who is the impact player in the front seven for the Chargers? Is Melvin Ingram going to finally break out? Is Manti Te’o going to become a force? Is Donald Butler going to stop being terrible?

This notion that Melvin Gordon is suddenly going to make San Diego a better team than Kansas City is hysterical. Look, Gordon might be a fine back, but he doesn’t rush the quarterback, play right tackle or stop the run. He’s a weapon and a solid one, but that’s about it. He is not a better pickup than Maclin, and he doesn’t make the Chargers better than the Chiefs, right?

WRONG, according to Williams.

"If they can stay healthy, the Chargers are situated the best to catch Denver. Led by Rivers, the Chargers can keep up with Denver’s potent offense with the addition of Gordon."

In fairness, San Diego’s offense was terrific last year and should only be better this season. After all, it did finish…17th in total scoring. Ouch. Who were they right behind, despite an offensive line hellbent on killing Alex Smith? THE KANSAS CITY CHIEFS.

As the 16-year-old girls say, I can’t even.

Start this damn season already, so the Chiefs can pound the Chargers twice and win this freaking division.