Chiefs uniform: Where does it rank in NFL?


Some teams in the National Football League change their jerseys on what seems like a weekly basis. The Kansas City Chiefs have barely touched theirs in over 50 years.

The Chiefs have stayed with the simple look of red, yellow and white since moving to Kansas City in 1963, after spending the first three years of the franchise’s existence as the Dallas Texans. Kansas City has diminished the size of the arrowhead on the helmet and gone from using red pants, to white pants, to red pants again as the primary road colors. The Chiefs have also changed the sleeves in recent seasons, putting the numbers on the shoulders instead and changing the stripes a tad.

Yet, for all of that, the uniform remains distinct throughout history. Whether you are watching a pass by Len Dawson or Alex Smith, you can immediately recognize the team involved. The same can’t be said for franchises like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots.

So where do the Chiefs rank in the NFL power rankings of jerseys? I took a hard look at this in May, ranking all 32 across the league.

I put Kansas City fifth, sitting behind only the Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys. Much like the Chiefs, the four ranked ahead of them are without a ton of changes to the uniform over the years. All four have a classic look, one that has not seen an ugly alternate at any point in their respective histories.

Personally, my favorite part of Kansas City’s uniform is the helmet. It’s so simple, yet perfect. There are no ridiculous stripes, nothing about it that catches the eye other than a beautiful, clean logo. There is something about the red being crisp throughout the helmet, uninterrupted by any nonsense. Then there is the logo itself, a nice “KC” interlocking inside of an arrowhead.

This franchise has made plenty of errors throughout its 55 seasons, but the uniform was not one of them. I’m also thrilled that the Hunt family didn’t sell out 15 years ago when every team and its mother was making an alternate uniform to jack up revenues. While the Chiefs offered a black jersey to fans, they never wore them on the field. It has remained a constant throughout generations.

Also, and it has to be mentioned, the patch over every player’s heart is awesome. For those who don’t know the story, the Chiefs created the patch to be worn permanently after founder Lamar Hunt passed away. Hunt also created the American Football League, which rivaled the NFL and then merged with it in 1970. The patch features the AFL’s logo with a football being held up by an eagle. The football has the initials “LH” emblazoned on it, forever saluting one of the true visionaries sports has ever known.

So, Addicts, what is you favorite uniform in the league? Do you want to see Kansas City change its look, or should it always remain the same? Let us know in the comments.