Justin Houston NFL’s 27th-best player?


On the NFL Network’s Top 100 Players of 2015 program, Kansas City Chiefs outside linebacker Justin Houston was ranked 27th on Wednesday night. Houston was ranked ahead of Drew Brees, LeSean McCoy and Gerald McCoy, while falling behind the likes of Ndamukong Suh, Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson.

Certainly, Houston is in great company with all of those names, but was he ranked too low? Houston almost set a new NFL record with 22 sacks, absolutely dominating all of his opponents. Houston is also the best run-defender at his position and can drop into coverage to make plays.

To this point, only Tamba Hali and Jeremy Maclin have made the list from Kansas City, checking in at 70th and 61st, respectively. Shockingly, Dontari Poe did not make the list, and it appears Sean Smith has also been snubbed. While Smith should have been there, it’s amazing that Poe, a two-time Pro Bowler, did not make this list over some of the guys toward the back end of it.

Also, we know one more Chiefs player will be making the list in Jamaal Charles. The only suspense is whether the All-Pro running back can make it into the top 10 or if he is revealed on next week’s episode.

So, Addicts, was Houston given a fair shake or was he too low? For my money, he’s a better player than Wilson or Suh. Many will disagree, but Wilson has always been a good but not great quarterback in my eyes. He’s dangerous and a tough guy to tackle, but he’s propped up by a great running back and a terrific defense. Suh is a monster and deserved his $114 million contract, but he doesn’t have the impact that Houston does.

Perhaps general manager John Dorsey doesn’t hope many agree with me, since he still has to negotiate a contract for this man by July 15.