Jeremy Maclin talks Alex Smith, early practices


On Tuesday, the Kansas City Chiefs $55 million receiver, Jeremy Maclin, spoke to the media and discussed a bevy of topics ranging from Alex Smith to his opinion on the practices to this point.

Normally, these quotes can go in one ear and out the other, but Maclin is such a vital part of what Kansas City wants to do offensively. Without Maclin being a top-tier receiver, the Chiefs will still be without a legitimate threat down the field. Sure, Albert Wilson and Chris Conley are fast, but neither are the polished player that Maclin is after five years with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Maclin was asked about his chemistry with Smith, and had some interesting things to say.

Q: You had career-high numbers last year with the Eagles. Do you think that was a result of something that you improved on and if so, is that something you can carry with you into this season?

"“I think me and Alex are off to a great start. I think our comfort level with each other is pretty high. It kind of feels like this is not our first rodeo. I think we’ve hooked up a lot in practice on timing, on plays where he is just kind of throwing the ball and trusting me to make the play and stuff like that. I think we’ll want to continue to get better but I think we’re off to a great, great start.”"

Maclin also spoke about continuing the success he had in 2014 with the Eagles, when he racked up more than 1,300 yards and 10 touchdowns with Nick Foles and Sam Bradford throwing him the ball.

"“I think it’s just a matter of getting better each and every year, trying to become the best player you can be each and every year. Finally being probably the focal point of a passing offense – beforehand it was kind of me and D-Jack (De’Sean Jackson). But I think it’s all about making the best of your opportunities. My number was called quite a bit last year and I was able to make some plays, some big plays. I’m not really a numbers guy, so I don’t like being caught up in that type of stuff, but I just made plays when the ball came my way.”"

Finally, Maclin touched on the few practices the Chiefs have had. Kansas City has only gone through OTAs and one day of mandatory minicamp, and Maclin gave an honest answer about where this group is at.

"“It just depends. Some days we’re working on certain things where maybe the defense is working on a particular coverage to cover that or maybe the defense is working on things to disrupt that. And there are some days where maybe we’re working on things where we’re taking advantage of what our defense is doing. I don’t think you can really read too much into exactly completion percentage or things like that. I think it’s about getting our work in and we understand kind of what we’re looking for each and every day. I think it’s a little bit different when you guys are on the outside and you don’t really know what is going on or in that particular play in practice.”"