Chasing the Chiefs’ 53: Derek Sherrod and Steven Borden Jr.

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Every year there are a couple of relatively unknown players that are able to step up and make an NFL team’s roster. Undrafted free agents, futures contracts, practice squad veterans, Canadian Football League stars, and even the odd crossover from another sport. There is always someone who comes out and surprises everyone, and the Kansas City Chiefs have had their share. Last year, the surprise additions came in the form of Albert Wilson at wide receiver and Cairo Santos as the new kicker. Both players now look to be in position to reclaim their prominent roles on the team moving forward.

This series is going to take a look at the current batch of long shots, camp bodies, and roster fillers to see if there might be one or more of those “diamond in the rough” type players to be had.

Former starting right tackle for the Packers, Derek Sherrod, saw his career derailed by injury. He’s now looking to make a comeback with the Kansas City Chiefs. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Derek Sherrod

After the disaster that was the 2014 Chiefs offensive line, general manager John Dorsey began looking everywhere for help. That included a former first-round pick from Dorsey’s former team, the Green Bay Packers. Sherrod was considered one of the better offensive tackles in a very good class for the position in 2011. However, injuries derailed his career, and he was never able to regain his spot with the Packers.

What does he have going for him?

Sherrod is a former first-round pick from John Dorsey’s time with the Packers. That means there is a bit of familiarity there that can help out in a tight competition. On the field, Sherrod demonstrated some quality traits as an offensive tackle prior to getting injured. It seemed like he had found a home at right tackle. For some players, circumstances just play out to where you lose a job through no real fault of your own.

What hurdles does he have?

Derek Sherrod will have to prove he is the player many thought he could be before his injury. It took him some time to hit his stride and find a home at right tackle. There are no guarantees that he will be able to find that stride again and be able to pick back up where he was.

What is his best chance?

Sherrod should have a real shot at making the Chiefs roster as a depth option at tackle, or possibly even as the starting right tackle. Prior to injuries getting him, Sherrod had started to show promise for the Packers at the right tackle spot. While he was out, Bryan Bulaga ended up taking the right tackle spot and never let it go, making Sherrod an expense that the Packers couldn’t afford to keep.


Sherrod is my dark horse candidate for the starting right tackle job. I see him making the Chiefs 2015 team as a swing tackle candidate at the very least.  The Chiefs need help on the offensive line, and if Sherrod can regain his old form, he has a real shot at being part of the help that is needed.

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